Tradeshow Promotions: 3 Hot Trends in Promotional Products for 2011

Ordering the right tradeshow promotions to represent your company's products and services is an important part of putting your best foot forward at trade shows and conventions. Although there are always favorites such as tee-shirts, baseball caps, pens, and key chains, staying on top of the latest trends in promotional products can make a big impact on your trade show marketing strategy.

Technology Centered Promotional Products

Most people visiting conventions and receiving your tradeshow promotions have plenty of electronics and gadgets that they use on a daily basis. Blackberries, laptops, smart phones and iPads are almost part of the business uniform these days. Giving away promotional products that help people corral, organize or improve the performance of their many technological gadgets is a great way to be sure your tradeshow marketing products are used regularly. The more often people reach for that great wireless mouse or handy flash drive, the more mileage you'll get out of your tradeshow marketing.

If you're looking for higher end, technology focused promotional products, consider MP3 players or other entertaining devices. Laser pointers and digital picture frames are also going to be popular in 2011. If your tradeshow promotions reflect the reality of an increasingly technologically driven future, you're sure to be seen as a cutting edge company.

Green or Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Every year more people "go green," using eco-friendly products, avoiding waste, and trying to improve the world around them. Trade show promotions that acknowledge the growing need for improved awareness of the eco-system will demonstrate your company's dedication to a better future. You'll be perceived as leaders who are responsible stewards for the earth by virtue of your eco-friendly tradeshow promotions. This can be vital in today's business environment, where every company is scrutinized based not only on what they achieve, but how they achieve it. Going green with your promotional products shows you care.

Recycled tote bags are one of the most popular green promotional products you can give. They not only reduce paper bag waste on the convention floor, they give visitors an easy, eco-friendly way to stay organized. Lunch bags or duffels that use recycled materials make even packing your lunch a green choice. Solar powered items such as LED flashlights, pedometers and calculators are always a hit because they combine green thinking with technology, giving added impact to your message.

Health Conscious Promotional Products

Because more people than ever are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, giving away health or fitness related promotional products as part of trade show marketing plans will be a hot trend in 2011. It can be as simple as putting your logo or company slogan on a reusable water bottle or as involved as offering free blood pressure screenings. Fortunately, there are any number of tradeshow marketing tools that will appeal to the health conscious. Hand sanitizers will get plenty of use at trade shows and conventions because of the constant hand shaking and handling of everything from computers to hotel doorknobs.

You can even tailor your health oriented promotional products to the region the convention is located in. For instance, sun block would be a thoughtful gift for convention attendees in Miami, or offer granola bars and healthy snack packs to potential clients at the next trade show in Colorado, where eating healthy is a favorite pastime.

By taking advantage of the latest trends in trade show promotions, you can increase the impact your tradeshow marketing efforts have on the success of your company. In 2011, be sure you focus on promotional products that resonate with others by investing in technology, health, or eco-friendly tradeshow promotions.

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