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Promotional Products are one of the most successful advertising mediums in terms of building brand exposure, loyalty and retention. How do we know that? Well, we’ve done the research and we will continue to research the latest trends in promotional marketing in order to bring you the most up-to-date, informative industry information.

Our Promotional Marketing Specialists cover all aspects of the industry including reports on the latest products to hit the market, informative articles, industry trends and strategies to help you choose the perfect product for your promotion!

6 Questions To Help You Choose Promotional Products With Lasting Value

When your company goes to a trade show, you may win points by showing up, but the way you really impress visitors is by having a great looking booth that conveys a strong message and by offering memorable trade show giveaways that will keep your company name and message alive long after the show.

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A Multi-Level Strategy For Using Trade Show Giveaways Effectively

When planning your tradeshow budget, you are concerned about your overall ROI, so you carefully consider the cost of display updates, travel expenses, shipping, equipment rentals, and more – including the cost of promotional items. As is true with many tradeshow costs, you can’t always quantify the payoff for promotional products you give away.

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Make Your Trade Show Visitors Feel Safe During Cold And Flu Season With Healthy Promotions

Like the U.S. Postal Service, trade shows continue through good weather and bad, even during flu and cold season. Facilities are booked months (or even years) in advance, so you can’t postpone the show in case of a flu outbreak.

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Keep Your Promotional Products Enticing With Seasonal Items

Keeping your promotional materials current is always a concern for exhibitors. With so much money, time and research devoted to developing the perfect trade show display, it can be difficult to constantly adjust to changing attitudes and trends. The same goes for promotional products.

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There are hundreds of companies in the United States that offer promotional products for company sponsored events, such as trade shows. But it's important to note that they are not all created equal. Some promotional products distributors carry a limited inventory of gifts, preferring to stick with only the most popular items; or staying within a set price range in order to simplify things.

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Tradeshow Promotions: 3 Hot Trends in Promotional Products for 2011

Ordering the right tradeshow promotions to represent your company’s products and services is an important part of putting your best foot forward at trade shows and conventions. Although there are always favorites such as tee-shirts, baseball caps, pens, and key chains, staying on top of the latest trends in promotional products can make a big impact on your trade show marketing strategy.

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The Promotion Store Reveals Answers To the Most Common Questions About Tradeshow Marketing Giveaways

The Promotion Store Reveals Answers To the Most Common Questions About Tradeshow Marketing Giveaways Our tradeshow marketing experts are frequently consulted with variations of the same questions, many of which are addressed on the FAQ page on Here, we’ve addressed the most critical of those questions and addressed them below for you.

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Promotion Store FAQs

Promotion Store FAQs Our goal at is to help people realize the most success possible at a tradeshow — while sticking within their budget and having fun in the process. If you’re new to tradeshow marketing, you may be wondering where to begin, what to expect, how to set goals, and how to differentiate your “needs” from your “wants.”

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6 Steps For Planning An Effective Marketing Promotion

Plan a Powerful Marketing Promotion! The difference between a successful promotion and a flop is boils down to one key ingredient – proper planning beforehand! There are 6 key ingredients for developing a winning strategy, and when you address each one, you’ll have a plan for a rock-solid promotion that will accomplish your business goals.

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