Keep Your Promotional Products Enticing With Seasonal Items

Keeping your promotional materials current is always a concern for exhibitors. With so much money, time and research devoted to developing the perfect trade show display, it can be difficult to constantly adjust to changing attitudes and trends. The same goes for promotional products. When choosing trade show giveaways, keeping items current and topical will ensure maximum interest and exposure, but it can be difficult to predict what will be popular. One way to ensure that your promotional items catch the eye of attendees is to utilize a prevalent theme based on the time of year.

Seasonal Trade Show Giveaways

One of the most obvious themes, and one that's sure to be on the minds of attendees, is the weather. As we march toward the end of the year and the days grow colder, winter promotional items become a sure fire way to pique the interest of perspective clients. On a particularly brisk day a branded winter hat is sure to be put to good use and a warm blanket emblazoned with your company logo makes a great raffle item or game prize. In even colder climates an ice scraper with your contact information printed on it is a useful option and branded tubes of lip balm make for inexpensive but high exposure giveaways.

On the other side of the seasonal spectrum, or for more temperate climates, there is no shortage of great warm weather promotional items. Colorful beverage insulators, reusable water bottles, beach towels and umbrellas are always a hit and a great way to draw attention. For something just as useful but a bit less conventional you might even consider offering small custom branded tubes of sunblock (skin cancer awareness month is May 2013).

Holiday Promotional Products

Holiday tie-ins are another great way to keep your trade show marketing relevant. Even if your promo gifts aren't inherently holiday themed by nature, you can utilize a common color in your items to call to mind the season. Lay out a selection of orange products for Halloween, green for St. Patrick's Day etc.

If you do want to fully embrace a holiday theme in your marketing materials there are plenty of great promotional items to suit that need. One of the more popular options recently has been customized snow domes. You can imprint your own design or offer clients a photo dome that allows them to insert their picture of choice. Similarly, holiday ornaments can be a great promo gift or used as decoration in your booth or display. And you can't go wrong with holiday candy or chocolates as a simple but effective draw. Keep in mind that holiday promotional items also make great corporate gifts or end of the year awards.

Effective trade show marketing utilizes smart brand recognition to ensure that prospective clients know who you are and what you and your business stand for. Keeping your promotional products fresh and current will make your stand out from your competitors that are giving away the same products season after season.

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