6 Steps For Planning An Effective Marketing Promotion

Plan a Powerful Marketing Promotion!
The difference between a successful promotion and a flop is boils down to one key ingredient – proper planning beforehand! There are 6 key ingredients for developing a winning strategy, and when you address each one, you'll have a plan for a rock-solid promotion that will accomplish your business goals.

Clearly Define Your Goals For the Promotion Of The Promotion

You know what your objective is, so make sure this purpose is stated clearly when planning your promotion. Whether you want to increase sales, create brand awareness, or something else entirely, it won't happen unless you plan on it!

Focus on Your Target Audience

In any marketing plan, it is extremely important to know and understand your who your target audience actually is. Try to get the clearest picture of your target audience possible. Define your ideal target customer group in terms of gender, age, hobbies, past times, etc and then create a promotion that will really speak to them.

Once understand your target market, you'll know exactly how to make sure your promotion is a success!

Establish a Budget

While money and budget is important, it should not be the first thing you look at. If you start limiting what you 'think' you can do based on your budget, you may gloss over some really great ideas because you wrongly assume that they are too expensive. Let your creativity flow first — and then figure out how to make your vision happen within your budget.

Establishing a budget for your promotional event is very important. The last thing you want to do is spend more than necessary to host a successful promotional event.

Some things to consider when establishing a budget are:

  • Display or booth costs
  • Postage costs if a mail promotion
  • Cost to rent any attention grabbing event attractions
  • Cost, if any, to use or rent the space where the event will take place
  • Labor costs
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Promotional giveaway items

Choosing Your Promotional Theme

It's important to create a consistent theme for your promotional event — not only is it more fun, but it will make the event more of an overall experience. Everything from event invitations, to marketing materials, to event attractions, to the games you play, to your promotional giveaways all add to your theme and bring your promotion to life.

Some promotional event theme ideas include:

  • Carnival theme
  • Travel theme
  • Beach theme
  • Casino theme
  • Sports theme
  • Pirate theme

There are limitless theme ideas for an event — so have fun!

Plan How You Will Distribute Your Promotional Products

How you distribute your promotional giveaway items is just as important as what you are distributing. For example, you can mail logo imprinted promotional giveaway items to your existing customers to secure customer loyalty, or set up a booth at a fair or trade show to gain new leads.

If you're giving away promotional items at a tradeshow or event, create an experience around it! Have guests pick a key to see which of your treasure chest full of prizes it will open. Try a Vegas theme and have guests spin the Wheel of Fortune and let chance decide which prize they'll win. You can even draw people to your promotion by handing out scratch off cards all around the event — when they discover the prize they've won, they'll have to stop by your booth to pick up their prize.

The options for distributing your trade show promotional products are endless! Don't hesitate to be creative. At the same time, keep your method of distribution in line with your overall objective, and your target audience.

Order Logo Imprinted Promotional Products

Now that you have a roadmap to success, it's time to start planning! Browse through our huge catalog of logo imprinted promotional items and get ready for the ideas to begin flowing! You can search for promotional giveaway items by type, theme, or price to make it easy for you to build a promotion within your guidelines. With the proper planning and some creativity, your promotion is sure to be a hit!

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